Tina KingTina King is an up-and-coming artist born in rural Alabama currently residing in Florida.

"I felt my upbringing was both magical and stifling. From the time I was very small, I felt deep compulsion to create drawings, paintings and sculptures. I spent a great deal of time alone wondering at the world around me trying to understand how to reinterpret the things I saw and the things I felt into two dimensions. Anything I could think of I would become determined to make. I think that has made me who I am today. Determined. I began travelling as soon as I was able and my experiences expanded immensely. I want my work to serve multiple purposes: at times social commentary and at others, a conversation between myself and my viewer. Always, I hope to imbue my work with honesty and a sense of aesthetic value."

Tina is available for commissions, murals, portraiture.

Please contact for pricing.